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desperate mother


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hey there everyone. i cannot give my details bc that has bit my booty in the past. a bite that wont heal im afraid. so i think everyone says this but im one of the worst 5% or so. i know the rules so i cannot mention much about my symptoms. they all came on fast and the only warning i had was intrusive thoughts both outward and inward ones and anxiety. then as i tried to get off the drugs i developed akathesia and every horror that comes with it. my life is totally destroyed.

offending meds:

originally zoloft and k

then abilify

lamictal added and quickly remived due to adverse reactions

then viibryd and a

then removed due to adverse reaction

then lexapro and k and i quickly developed intrusive feelings

weaned off and developed aka but didnt know what it was. then the real torture began. had tonquit my career i loved and was told to get away from my family by people i reached out to. i had no where to go so i went to a hospital and began hallucinating when they gave me luvox. then....believe it or not it went downhill and stayed there. anyway

been drugged out of my mind and i dont know who i am anymore. i cant even look in the mirror bc i dont know who i will see. everyone i reached out to was awful and told me awful things. even pastors told me awful things. oh well.

hey everyone.

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Hello desperatelybroken, welcome.


I'm sorry to hear of your struggles, you sound so defeated.  Can you tell us, is K Klonopin and if so, are you currently benzo free and if so for how long?



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yes maam. sorry i know some forums want first letters of benzos only bc it can upset some folks. yes its klonopin

ive taken them all

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my sxs include

not seeing myself in the future

reliving all traumas

wvery bad thing ive heard or seen has taken root


burning brain


intrusive thoughts

tight head right temple

hearing stuff in my head like news reports saying awful things ive done

thinking people know im crazy

feeling the need to talk to people about it

thinking wverytbing is my fault



revenge feeling

feeling evil and having evil thoughts

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