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13 years on Clonazepam, now 13 years off Clonazepam...Still having problems


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The title says it all...I’m 55 now and have not been able to work full time since I tapered off Clonazepam 13 years ago.  I continue to suffer severe, debilitating insomnia and have just been diagnosed with REM sleep behaviour disorder by a neurologist after 5 sleep studies.  The neurologist is testing me for autoimmune encephalitis, and if that test is negative, it’s very probable that I will develop Parkinson’s over the next few years. I haven’t really thought much about the hellish and protracted withdrawal that I went through and now realise that I should have mentioned it to the neurologist.  Ironically, the first line of treatment for REM sleep behaviour disorder is Clonazepam!😜. Anyone have similar neurological problems many years post withdrawal? I’ve also been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder but could not tolerate the Adderall or Ritalin. I feel as though my brain was fried during my Benzo withdrawal and I have not been able to function normally since.
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Hello Snoyla, welcome to BenzoBuddies,


I'm glad you have found us and are joining our community.  It sounds as if you have had a rough go of it, with both post-withdrawl symptoms and with other health issues; I'm sorry to hear this.


Insomnia is such a common problem with benzo withdrawl.  Here is a link to the insomnia forum where you will find both support and information that may be helpful:




You are not alone in this.  We are a supportive bunch here at BB.  Please let us know how we can help.


Best and again, welcome,



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