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Am I withdrawing from Alprazolam or Diazepam? - Feeling good day 5


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Hey guys,


First of all thank you for your support. It has been great.


I have a question two weeks and a half ago I was admitted to a psychiatric ward. I was in 3mg of Xanax a day (for one week, before it was 2mg).


They switched to Diazepam and tapered down in two weeks.


The first three days after the last dose, I felt like I was going to die. Day 4 felt better. Day 5 feel good. Sleep is quite good.


My question is what I am withdrawing off? Valium or Alprazolam?


I know the hardest part is far from over. Or maybe I'm lucky.


I am very grateful for these last two days. Because it gives me a light of normality, even if the upcoming days will get rough.


Stay strong all


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I can't say for sure but I'd think it would be the xanax since you were on it for quite awhile and were onlry on the valium a short time. But, I couldn't say for sure.
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I can see why you're asking the question, since Valium has the longer half life you want to know if you can expect symptoms to hit you further out than they would with Alprazolam.  I wish I knew the answer. 


Whatever happens, I'm glad you're aware of the possibility and can somewhat prepare yourself.

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Yes, Pamster. That is exactly why I ask.


I developed tolerance with xanax. When changed to Diazepam, it worked. But in theory, I was in a very short time on Valium. And by now, xanax is long gone from the system. So I am bit lost. But open to the possibility of more withdrawal coming 

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