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What a bombshell


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  I was supposed to cut again for my 4th time in another 4 days. Ive been at this for 63 days now.


I got a letter in the mail from the IRS last week demanding past due tax returns I did not file. I have until Nov. 1 to get them the returns and their money.


The returns will cost between $3500 and $5000 to complete plus what I owe with years of penalty and interest. They will take everything I own.


I am a caregiver and have not taken a day off in over three years. I have been going thru paperwork every day, all day for the last three days.


I cant think straight, have bad w/d symptoms and can not deal with any of this.

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I'm really sorry to hear this.  I too have been dealing with them, but seem to be on a steady course.  I'll share, I wrote them a letter in Dec of 2019, just to change a direct debit bank account number, for an Installment Agreement I have with them.  Four letters later, I finally got a response the end of September, 2020 saying they made the change.  Yes you saw that right, 10 months to respond to a simple request!!


Each time I got a ltr, from them, it was wrong, but just seeing the envelop made my anxiety shot thru the roof.  And I wonder why I, today, I find myself having to taper from Klonopin!


A few words of my learning, it takes them forever to get information right and to you.  They explained the other day, because, yes, I had to call one more time, that they are just getting to months of correspondence piled up, from folks like us, due to Covid.  Be patient, get someone to help you figure out how to proceed.  If you call them (after an hour or more on hold)  Make sure you tell them you need their name and badge number.  Then send them a summary of what was discussed, making sure you can get formal notification that they received it, for your files.  Track your correspondence on-line and print delivery info, as you get it.  I actually did find some of the folks at IRS to be helpful, even though not always able to resolve the situation.


Last, but not least, consider writing them and tell them you only have to pay $750.00 for the year in question, as that's what Donald Trump has done and they seem to have accepted that!


Most importantly, don't let them make you change your personal course of taking care of your health, up dosing, or more meds, just make it worse and they really don't care about us lil folks.


Good luck, stay focused! 

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Im still going through this mess and has really made my depression 10x worse. Im angry I let this happen. Everything fell by the wayside using benzos. Like these pills would get me thru life and wouldn't have to think about anything. And that worked well for a while.


I dont like the fact that benzos make me forget shit. How to spell words, and other general things. Im tired of paying cash for doctors visits every few months (uninsured). I just want to get back to a solid work schedule. All my relationships are messed up in one way or another. I look at the general public as brash, self-serving and void of moral honesty.


If anything benzo withdrawl really shows you the very ugly side of yourself and other people. Its hard to look at them and hard to look at yourself.


THANK YOU Oneday3693! Thanks for your post. I am not sure what will happen with IRS. I am going to do the best I can right now because what else can I do! I hired a local Tax Preparer to file 2014-2019 for 4-500$. Then I will owe money to the IRS and wont have the money to pay again. The tax prepared says its not going to be a big deal but that sounds too good to be true. At least I wont need to hide behind a bottle of benzos to forget about it anymore.


Sorry this post is so negative but needed to get this off of my chest. Im at .125 2x per day. I cut again in 14 days. I need to go see my doctor for refills tomorrow. I am not sure if I should tell them.


I am still using THC Oil and smoking cannabis everyday. The MCT Oil works very well for physical withdrawl symptoms and the cannabis flower I am using lifts about 75% of my depression. I am not using cannabis for recreation....its a tool.



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