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Scared- need input


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I have been taking klonopin by dissolving it under my tongue cor the past 6 years (just the regular kind- not the special sublingual kind).


Then today i started water titration.


After i swallowed my first dose i felt very calm and relaxed.


I am worried that i am raising the amount of benzo i am absorbing since i am swallowing the dose instead of dissolving in my mouth.


I dont want to effectively raise my dose because i am changing the method of absorbtion.


Yet at the same time the dry micro taper seems to unreliable because the drug contents are not dispersed evenly througput the pills.


Please help. I feel terrified.


Im down to .74mg and dont want to go backwards but also need a better way forwards with more accurate dosing.

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I'm not a doctor, but it seems to me that you are going to get all the dose into your body either way.  One way may result in faster absorption, but given the half life of klonopin is on the order of a day, it's not going to make much difference IMHO.


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I don't think it should make a difference how you get it in your body.  Like frank1964 says, maybe the rate of absorption is different.
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Yes the rate of absorbtion would be different.


I feel the total amount in my body would only be altered for example:


I put the klonazepam under my tongue, and dont drink or eat anything for hours- does my saliva destroy the active compound to where im not getting the same amount of total drug into my body?


Anyone know for sure?

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