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I need some help tapering Oxazepam


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Hello dear moderator(s). 


I am in my second taper now.  The first was brutal (see profile).  But I am now 6 months free of that! and ready to find a way off the Oxazepam.  I have noticed mare windows lately and some amazing signs of healing, from the Clonazepam 1st taper.


I was planning to crossover to Diazepam and had begun Sept. 27th with a Oxazepam reduction to 10 mg and a substitute of 2mg Diazepam.  At night.  For sleep.  That first cut was klunky in that the diazepam gave me a headache and I felt really grungy the next day.  I stuck it out and it seemed to work better after a few nights.  Last night (10 days later)  I cut to 5mg  and substituted  4mg Diazepam.    (Diazepam 1mg = Oxazepam 2mg).


I had paradoxical symptoms.  I was unable to sleep for sweating and vibrating - restless legs, and the headache again.  I only got a few hours sleep and felt horrible again this morning.  Really dopey.  Poisoned.


I don't know whether to persevere with the crossover to Diazepam, or just go back to the Oxazepam and figure out a liquid titration.  The smallest dose of Oxazepam pill I can get here, are 10 mgs.    So - not practical to cut with the pill cutter. 


Any thoughts would be so appreciated  :smitten:

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Well, you know I'm all for the daily liquid micro-taper.  No throw away of meds, no cut and holds, just tapering a little each day until you're there. 


All the best...

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I hate to advise you to ask for more pain but I wonder if you should give it a day or two before giving up?  Only you can know how much torture you can endure so I don't fault you one bit for wanting to consider other options.


There is of course making doing a 'home brew' liquid titration or if you have access to a compounding pharmacy provided your Dr is willing to write a script, or since you're taking a capsule or even a tablet you might consider using a jewelers scale to weigh your dose of Oxazepam. 


Let us know what you decide to do, your experience sounds miserable.

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  I'm learning about liquid titration now.  I'm pretty sure I'll stick to the Oxazepam.  The Ashton Manuel says to do a diazepam crossover fro Oxazepam unless you are elderly or over 65.  I'm 67.    It just feels like a cleaner drug.  Maybe easier to heal from it?


I'm just mentally preparing my self for the next onslaught of whatever.  Catching my breath so to speak.  I know that I can wrap my head around titration with some more exposure.


I do one dose only - at night before bed.  15mg.  With a half life of 4-9 hours,  This does line me up for the daytime pendulum swing of withdrawal symptoms.... dizziness and nausea.  And still the de-realization, depression and lately agoraphobia.  I am used to living in an altered state, god knows, after the clonazepam w/d.  I have been having some very good days too lately.


I won't use propolene glycol.  I just can't.  The milk thing doesn't make sense to me as I live in a remote area and our groceries are barged in once a week....  due dates can be close to expiry on dairy.    I can't batch make it and expect it to last. 

I was thinking using vodka and water.  After all its just a small amount every night isn't it?  And I dislike alcohol... no danger of becoming dependent on it.    I'm going to see if the pharmacy can get in the syringes for me. 


I am intimidated by the math and the preciseness of it.  It makes the most sense for accuracy, if I get it right.


Thanks Pamster and CAgirl so very much.  I'll keep you posted  :smitten:.


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Yes, it has been said that it's a little bit only of alcohol.  I didn't want to use the pg either nor the alcohol, so the milk was my best choice.  But, with your grocery delivery, that wouldn't be so good for you. 



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I'm glad you have a plan, I feel indecision is stressful and you know what stress does to symptoms.  >:(  From what I've read the amount of alcohol shouldn't be problem, that looks like your best option at this point. 
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Is there someone who can walk me through alcohol based titration?  For idiots.  Seriously.  I am really mentally slow right now, my body and brain feel scrambled.  I watched a video and it gave the gist, but actually doing it seems overwhelming.


If I buy vodka - does it have to be 80%?

Do I need a mortar and pestle?


With a computer,  how would I calculate a 10% cut when it's time?  Or maybe I can get a syringe from the pharmacist that measures your dose - like when you give your pet a medication from the vet?


Do I need a jeweler's scale?  If so how much are they approx. and where do I order? 

Amazon does not ship to our islands.


I have tried using a compounding pharmacy before and it was terrible.  Is there a way to source out a really good one?

Would a compounding pharmacy understand how to calculate a 10% dose reduction?  Instead of just dropping a milligram a time?


I know I sound on the up and up - but I can't retain much of what I am reading... I've got the spins. 



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