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Debilitating Symptoms


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My son has dozens of debilitating symptoms from PAWS. He has been completely off benzos for 2.2 years now.

One of the symptoms as an example, is songs endlessly and loudly repeating 24/7 in his head.

He is terrified of this being permanent.

He is convinced that benzos have caused permanent brain damage and has read hundreds of articles that claim exactly that.

So far, the only thing this forum has provided as evidence is the oft-repeated mantra of "everyone heals" and "because Heather Ashton says so".

I am asking this forum to provide some basis for him to believe this is not permanent.

As far as he is concerned it is simple math that it is permanent because these symptomes still persist after a far longer time than almost everyone on this forum.

He is terrified of this and says he will always be terrified until he is dead.

Could you all please discuss with me. Thanks.

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I'm sorry to hear your son is still suffering so much, his symptoms sound familiar to many here.


I don't blame him or you for feeling as you do, but we can't give you the proof you want, all we have to go by are the success stories of those who have recovered from this, of which I'm one. 


We have many members on the protracted board who are still suffering for far longer than your son and they too feel hopeless at times but recovery can happen, even for those who suffer longer than the typical recovery timeline we see here.  There is a success story written by someone 12 years after their taper, if we are to believe the thousands of stories we've accumulated over the years then recovery is possible for your son as well.


I wish we could offer you more.



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