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Always have windows on weekends


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My windows coincide with weekends

Weekends are when I’m off work and have no stress

My job is really stressful, Monday-Friday and my symptoms always pop up after a high stress situation.

I also have other stressful life things going on that I only worry about on weekdays..


I had no health anxiety this weekend at all. I was relaxed and didn’t have symptoms.

So....basically if I just chill out, I’m pretty much healed....interesting huh?


If only I could do this 24/7

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Makes complete sense to me.  The CNS is so over sensitized in withdrawal stress can throw off our equilibrium. 

So, to the extent we can control it, seems like one of the best things we can do is try to keep stress to a minimum.


As you say, if only you could be relatively stress free 24/7!

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Meganz :

You have a lot of stress right now. I didn't realize you were working too! And a new baby... and a issue with the ex....other regular life stress.

Hats off to you that you're standing upright! All that would be stressful even if you hadn't got through benzo recovery!


Do you even realize how strong you are? Hugs to you girl... :smitten:

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I can so relate to what you are saying, Megan’s. Any stimulation outside my normal routine can trigger my symptoms. Lack of sleep also contributes. I don’t have the same stressors as you do, but anything that takes me out of my comfort zone can trigger symptoms. I’m still challenged with the heart palps at times like you are. I’m glad you had a good weekend!💕


Sandy :thumbsup:

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