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Do rescue doses count?


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Hi all

I was taking xanax .25 per day for 3 years, then switched to .25 -.5 klonopin for 1.5 years

4.5 yrs benzo use


Its been 1 year off klonopin, however I took 2 rescue doses since of .25 xanax one 8mo ago, the other 6mo ago

Last dose of any benzo was 6mo ago


Its seems after the last "rescue" dose 6mo ago things went awfully downhill, with new and crazy symptoms that have only gotten worse over 6mo


So am I 1yr off, or do the 2 doses I took count and I am only 6mo clean?


The other 6 mo, even though I took a dose Has to account for some healing, but my god, things went awful 6mo ago

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Yes they do count. Rescue doses threw me into cold-turkey state. I was fine before. In fact I would say it's better to reinstate and do a taper then doing rescue doses. For someome who already got off of benzos rescue doses esentially are cold-turkey. Everytime you take a rescue dose you are doing a mini cold-turkey.
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