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Reducing amount of water??


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Good afternoon


Possibly a daft question but I started my taper at 3mg ativan in 300ml water. Tomorrow I will be down to 2mg. Do I reduce the water down to 200ml or somehow continue with the 300ml?


Thank you


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Hello, Working--


The liquid you made using 3 mg in 300 mL had a concentration of 3mg/300mL = 0.01 mg/mL


To continue making a 0.01 mg/mL liquid using just 2 mg of Ativan, reduce the volume of water to 200 mL, because

2 mg/200 mL = 0.01 mg/mL


(If you continue to use 300 mL water, the concentration of your liquid will drop to 2 mg/300 mL = 0.0067 mg/mL)


Make sense?


Koko Lee


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