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Not getting any better


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I am writing on behalf of a friend who is serving time in federal prison. He has no access to this forum and asked me to reach out to this group on his behalf. Your help is greatly appreciated. Here are the questions he asked me to submit.


1. Has anyone ever experienced a PAWS-like Manic Episode period that was brought on by stress alone and not benzos? Could prior PAWS w/d cause this?  I went thru benzo withdrawal 12 years ago, was sober for a few years after that, then was on mostly opiates up until 4 years ago.  Been sober last 4 years but all the sudden I started having these panic attacks about a situation I'm dealing with about 3 months ago.  I'm in an situation where it's very noisy and it's very hard to sleep - a dorm.  I have started sleeping only maybe once every 3-4 days for about 8 hours.

2. Why would food cause me to feel insane with anxiety for several hours after I eat it?  I can't remember if that ever happened during PAWS.

3. My hands and feet are cramping and have shooting pains in arches and heels and palms.  If I continue the sleep pattern I'm on will they break down completely and cramp up and lock up? Or can they last me another month or two.  I just need to get thru the next 2 months.  I work every day for 7 hours straight doing manual labor type job, walking around and standing alot.  But then go back home and I can't sleep.  So the next day my hands and feet feel incredible pain.

4. I've been feeling like this for about the past 4 months.  Is that still considered a manic episode? Or am I just permanently crazy now?  I feel psychotic at times.  I think I may have even had a psychotic break a month ago.  My whole body was racked with such high anxiety that I thought I was having a heart attack.  Turns out I wasn't according to an EKG and blood pressure reading of 120/85.  Will I ever reestablish homeostasis and regular circadian rhythms?

5.  I've made sleep such an issue that I literally start panicking when it's time to sleep.  But when I lay there waiting for someone to come talk to me I fall asleep cuz I'm not thinking about it.


If Anthea or Sabine are still around I'd like to hear what ya'll think.  Or if there's a doctor in the house please tell me I'm gonna pull out of this and that it isn't permanent."


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Hello Mowen41901 and Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


I'm sorry your friend is in such a difficult situation.  This forum is dedicated to providing information and support related to benzo withdrawal. 

Your friend's questions include several medical questions; the forum does not provide medical advice and members are not able to provide diagnoses or prognosis.


Please explore the site and post with questions.  You may want to start on Post-withdrawal Recovery Support  



Brighterday  :)



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My brother is a doctor,

I went through the benzo hell but he didn’t really offer any insight on this because there is a huge lack of information and or knowledge about benzo withdraws.. and in my experience they now absolutely NOTHING about benzo withdraws.... nothing! They think benzo withdraws only last a month TOPS!  >:( You are better off trusting your fellow benzo brothers and sisters...who have Ben through the hell ...but if it makes you feel Better I will ask him your questions... he works at Kaiser hospital he’s home now but leaving in 1 hour .. what is your primary worry?

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