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What do ppl think about lidocaine patches for pain relief?


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Hi All,  Before I realized I hit tolerance withdrawal to Ambien I used lidocaine patches for my lower back pain and they seemed to help when the pain was truly insufferable.  I've gotten along without them for the past few months but pain has escalated (just started Month 3!) and I'm thinking of using them again.  Saw something about it also working on GABAA receptors? Should I stay away??


Thanks for any input!!


Hugs to All

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I have been doing the exact same thing for lower back pain.  Interested to see any responses, as I wondered if their was any detrimental side effects.
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I used them for months to help get through the back pain. I had no side effects. They were a godsend because I was too afraid to take an otc pain reliever. You should be fine.
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Garden, I used them on and off for back pain both during my taper and after. Still use them occasionally. They never caused me any problems.


Hope this helps.



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Thanks again, Katz, for another positive reply.  Are you totally back to normal?  I see you tapered slowly from 15 mgs of Valium.  I tapered 5 mg of Valium from December 4, 2019 to March 28, 2020.  Would you consider that to be a too rapid taper?
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Garden, tapers are so individual. If you're feeling okay, I'd say your taper was just right!


I'm probably 99% recovered. It's hard to say, isn't it if what we are feeling now, after our tapers, isn't something we would have felt even if we hadn't fallen into the slough of benzos/psych drugs? After all, I'm 5 years away from the start of my taper -- 2-3 years away from its end. I still feel a little dizzy now and then. Not sure why. I had two other drugs to taper -- Neurontin and Ambien and I could be still under the baleful influence of either.


So . . . back to normal? I guess the short answer is yes, almost. The long answer is I'm older, had more drugs to taper, had a few health conditions during and after my taper, yadda yadda. But I feel compos mentis, can live and enjoy my life, and went back to my old profession (writing) so I'm not complaining.


Best to you,



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There is a list that Dr Ashton gave about things not to take while tapering or in withdrawal. Here's the list, unfortunately lidocaine is on there. But if it doesn't bother you, then go for it.















Estrogen & progesterone


Alcohol- booze


Fluroquinolone antibiotics



Marijuana products ( cbd,weed,etc)



LDN or low dose

Lemon balm

Anticonvulsants ( any that act on gaba receptors)


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