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Valium withdrawal


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After very difficult time while my son was severely sick a doctor prescribed me benzodiazepines, that was 2 , 5 years ago and since then I tried to withdraw from Valium, I am almost done but I still have panic attacks ( very rarely ) or anxiety linked to insomnia.

I sometimes feel hopeless, wondering if I ´ll always need them.

When I’ll feel better I will withdraw my 10 mg escitalopram.

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Hi Jane cash and welcome to BenzoBuddies,


Way to go on the progress you've made withdrawing from Valium.  Yes, it is a difficult process and the doubts and hopelessness do creep in at times.  Learning new ways to deal with anxiety and insomnia was part of the process for me and I'm still working on that.


Here is a link to the Withdrawl Support message board for those who are still tapering:


Withdrawal Support (during your taper)


I'm glad you've found us and are joining our community.  Please let us know how we can help you.





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Hi Kate


The reason i joined your forum is that I feel so alone with my withdrawal, my symptoms.


The 2 times a listen my doctor or my psychiatrist, I finished in the Er. Then I read the Ashton Manuel and it helped tremendously.


3 days ago I finished my Valium withdrawal but the 2 nights were not good and anxiety is back But not as bad as before , I wonder what to do?





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I do understand Jane cash.  Learning to deal with anxiety without using medication is part of the process of withdrawl.  Here is a link to the Anxiety boards where you will find information and support:




In my early days, I leaned heavily on distraction i.e. puzzles, Netflix, crochet, etc.  Those things sustained me until I could get better footing and improve my coping skills.


It does get better ... I promise!

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Thanks Kate


The link you send me is so interesting, I can’t believe the amount of suffering  coming from the use of benzodiazepines.

I am real mad at the doctor how gave me these pills when my life was a mess ; and never told me about the side effects. She never told me to tapper before stopping.


Thanks for the tips , i also feel that I need distraction , the fear of anxiety is an obsession if there anything else to do.


Have a good day



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