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My withdrawal update


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Hi all

I was taking xanax .25 per day for 3 years, then switched to .25 -.5 klonopin for 1.5 years

4.5 yrs benzo use

Its been 1 year off klonopin, however I took 2 rescue doses since of .25 xanax

Last dose of any benzo was 6mo ago


It seems things have gotten harder as time progresses in a sense, some of my symptoms:


-head, neck and jaw tension, awful jaw clenching, issues swallowing

-head pressures

-muscular tension or squeezing in my body

-abdomen tension, bloated tummy, feeling like i cant breathe

-stuffy sinuses

-spacy foggy DR

-dizzy, visual feelings like I am moving or swaying on a boat

-feelings of uncomfort or not settled in my skin, antsy


The mental stuff is tuff, but the muscular and body feelings have gotten worse

I sort of stoped drinking beer 6 mo ago,  and smoking weed at night about 1yr ago

maybe too much for my system to handle, I have a pharmacy of supplements and things to take yet I take nothing

great diet and light weights, athlete my whole life and now my body is sore


I was wondering who has felt these things and improved or gotten better


TY all


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