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Born addicted, I know where the chemical imbalance comes from now


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When I heard Dr. Peter Breggin say "psychiatric drugs cause a chemical imbalance in the brain" he validated what I already knew.  I was born with a chemical imbalance because my mother used Valium through her pregnancy with me.  I remember withdrawal as an infant because it's what I've spent my whole life trying to figure out.  I've talked to thousands of people so I know that I'm not alone.  We share the same symptoms before meds; insomnia, inner restlessness, anxiety, pseudobulbar affect (laughing/crying uncontrollably), hallucinations, extreme temp intolerance, learning disabilities, depression, and other symptoms like hearing voices, turrets, etc.; all chemical imbalances in the brain and so many of us have the same stories. We're told that a chemical imbalance is caused by childhood trauma.  Psych drug withdrawal is extremely traumatic on the newborn and it comes with a lifetime of "symptoms" that can't be medically explained.  I can't be the only one that knows that they were born addicted because there are literally MILLIONS OF US that were born this way..."Mother's little helper" is one of the leading products that built big pharma and the scripts are off the charts these days.  In the sixties it was wartime too, so common sense and my lifetime investigation tells me that I'm not alone.  I'm sure this is ringing some bells about now....  Let's chat.
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Following because this sad.  Sorry this happened to you.  My mother took no drugs at all during her pregnancy with me and I had no problems as an infant, child or teen.
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I'm sorry to hear you have had to suffer from something that was not from anything you did. It is good to recognize that people(children and adults) can react long-term to things, as a result of what occurred during their time in their mother's womb.


Interesting you made this post, as I just read yesterday on acetaminophen/Paracetamol...women who take it during pregnancy......according to Wikipedia excerpt below:


Paracetamol use by the mother during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of childhood asthma.[109] It is also associated with an increase in ADHD but it is unclear whether the relationship is causal.[110] A 2015 review states that paracetamol remains a first-line recommended medication for pain and fever during pregnancy, despite these concerns.[111]


Hard to believe in 2015 acetaminophen is still a first-line med that's recommended for pain/fever for pregnant women. Business as usual. :(


Nothing surprises me anymore on this subject. Again so sorry you had to experience symptoms that clearly were difficult to endure. Your youth was basically taken from you.

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