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Splitting low dose Valium 2x/day?


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Hi I am in the lower part of my detox off Valium from 15 mg down to 1 mg.  I have always split my dose to a morning part and a second dose at 4pm. And I was doing a slightly larger amount for my morning dose.  Like 2 mg in the am and 1.5  at 4pm. 


My question is now that I’m down to only 1 mg and I’m splitting it up for a morning and afternoon  dose of currently .55 mg at 8am and .5 mg at 4 pm.  And I am not feeling much or any relief from this. Would I be better with just doing one dose once per day and stop splitting since I’m down to a smaller amount. 

Thank you  for any advice experience or opinions.




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First of all, congratulations on having gotten so close to the finish line!   


Secondly, these popular support groups might be helpful to you


3,2,1:  Under 3 mg valium people



Valium/Diazepam support group



Good luck to you!

Koko Lee



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