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My PVC’s


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I’ve been feeling a lot of health anxiety.

The high stress has caused me to lose my appetite. My tummy is in knots.

So I force food down.

This causes me to become gassy after eating

Which in turn triggers PVC’s

I only get PVC’s when I’m gassy or panicking.

It’s a viscious cycle.


I was relaxed Monday and spent the day with my dad. No PVC’s and appetite came back.

When I was very ill and not eating due to a virus, I had zero PVC’s. Because I had no gas.


They’re so uncomfy. I hate them.

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I can so relate to what you are going through, Meganz. My PVC’s seem to be related to my eating habits as well. They really scare me even though I’m told they are harmless. They don’t feel harmless! I’m hoping and praying they go away with time. I’ve had my heart checked out multiple times and always with normal results.


I hope you feel better soon. I can’t imagine going through this with a new baby. I pray for you and the baby every time I read your posts! I have faith that we will get through this!


Hugs and support, Sandy :thumbsup:

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I wonder if its possible that the gas causes intrabdominal pressure which puts pressure on the diaphragm and vagus nerve. Irritation of the vagus nerve can cause palpitations from what I've read. Maybe you could experiment with using gas-x, bean-o, or some other antigas medication. Its good that you are starting to pinpoint the origin of your palps. At least, that way, you can come up with a plan to combat them. Good luck!
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