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New hear, need advice, help! Scared


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Hi, I’m new here, I’m 3 months off Ativan, and I’m not healing at all, my brain symptoms and sleep are getting worse instead of better, I have blank brain, not functioning like it should, it is everyday slower, I feel like it is gonna stop, severe cognitive impairment and motor skills impairment. Anyone that was still seeing no improvements after three months off and was still getting worse? Will I get better? My brain is completely fried. I also have no difference between being awake and asleep, I feel like my brain is off all the time. Anyone with similar symptoms? I’m so scared that I’ll die this way, that my brain is gonna stop. I don’t see a way out anymore, it is not getting any better, my brain symptoms are everyday worse.
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I quit cold turkey too and was so discouraged as I counted each month with what felt like no improvement but the thing is, I was improving but my mind wouldn't let me acknowledge it, this process only lets us feel negative emotions. 


I know you're suffering, I can feel it in your words but the only thing I can tell you is what works and that's distraction and time.  I kept really busy when I was where you are, I couldn't relax or sit still so I just kept moving.  It didn't take the symptoms away but it made the time pass and that's the only thing we've found that heals us is time.


I read the success stories over and over again because they gave me hope, I read chapter 3 of  The Ashton Manual because it let me know that what I was feeling was normal. 


Keep coming here to get reassurance that you can heal from this horror. 

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