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Nerve irritations


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Wtf guys. This is making me so upset.

I’ve been doing pretty good. No weird symptoms besides hyper awareness of heartbeat.

Literally out of nowhere I’m having nerve issues again. The menthol/cold feeling in my skin. Like patches of wet cold running around my body switching spots.

And now my fingers feel electric zapping. Like neuralgia or whatever


I mean, last week was super super stressful. Could that have triggered this? Literally no idea what else is causing this and I’m seriously so scared. Is this just a weird wave from stress or should I be getting checked? Like I don’t even know what else would cause this.


Obviously my health anxiety from all of this is telling me it’s lethal.

It comes and goes. Yesterday was really bad. Then I had no symptoms this morning. But they’re creeping back.


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Yes. I've had this very badly in the past. Like level 10


Its benzos

It will come and go until it just goes away

It's scary yes

Can cause serious symptoms that are not dangerous

Even though intense they will get better

Stress definitely can trigger or make worse

Sounds exactly what I've experienced

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