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Mine went away.  I don't remember how long I had it.  It was at it's worst when I also had just tapered off my antidepressant.  I think it was about 3 months that it was pretty bad.  I would feel like I was just dropped into this life, and couldn't remember actually living it, even though I had all the memories of this life.  It doesn't really make sense, but that was how I felt.  I read this book, called "Replay", by Ken Grimwood, and I swear it describes depersonalization, or how I experienced it so well.  Basically the main character in the book has a heart attack at age 48, and wakes up and is 18 again, and gets to relive his life.  And he has the memories of how he got there, but not as recently as it should be and also the memories of him having a life that he doesn't currently have.  Anyways, I swear this author must have had a similar feeling at some point, cause I felt like he really got it. 
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