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looking for emotional support from old or new friends


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I was pretty active on here a few years ago as "chessplayer" - this was my buddie blog http://www.benzobuddies.org/forum/index.php?topic=134102.0


I got off the benzos after a long struggle, with help from people here. And I recovered and had a good couple of years that included a lot of travel. I left BB entirely for a while.


Now I'm back under a new identity. I'm not back on benzos but I'm having issues that make me feel like I did in benzo withdrawal. Anxiety, depression, sleep trouble. A lot of bad things in my life lately have me feeling really down. Also I think I am in trouble with a different drug now (cannabis) that I started using a lot in the past year and now I think I am having cannabis withdrawal.


Hoping to find some connections here like I did a few years ago. It's a great forum with a nice set of people. It helps sometimes just to have people to talk to. Reply or send PM.




Hypatia a.k.a. Chessplayer a.k.a. Richard





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Hi there. Sorry about your setback.


Cannabis withdrawal can kick the crap out of me, too! When I am running out or ahead of a needed break (usually I make it so that these things coincide) I do make a point of using less for a couple of weeks prior to stopping. I don't taper in any formal way but I restrict the hours in which I allow myself to use cannabis and restrict the number of sessions in a day. Basically, I save it for sleep.


I have cold turkeyed from about 3 months of daily use, sometimes heavy, and oh boy did it make me irritable! Also, I never knew it possible to sweat so much on a night time... my shirt was almost wet enough to wring out some liquid! I didn't sleep much more than a couple of hours and that happened. Night sweating is quite common for cannabis withdrawal.


Even the worst cases of cannabis withdrawal are nothing compared to benzo withdrawal. If you've had a daily habit for a while, you might find you feel quite good after a week or so. I like cannabis but I also like feeling more energised when I take a break.

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Mostly hits my sleep when I take a break (sleep is why I use the stuff).  I also get kind of grumpy (somewhat from the lost sleep).  Even a slight bit nauseous.  A week or so and I'm doing a lot better.  Much like benzo withdrawal, I try to keep busy until it passes.


Agreed - it's much easier than benzo withdrawal.

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Hey...I use a few times a week, but I am cutting back as it seems to set off my anxiety randomly.


And hi! I am new to posting, though I registered by account years ago...decided this year was the time to finally get off these!

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