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Please Help Clonazolam


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I'm currently up to around 3-4mg clonazolam right now. 


Has anyone heard of mecloclonazepam?  Its weaker but it's fairly cheap and I have access.


I just keep hearing these horror stories of people coming off of only 2 mg of Klonopin and I'm taking the equivalent of 10 times that amount for the past year I guess I'm just looking for encouragement and success stories in titrating in which compounds are the best ones to use I know I'm going to feel discomfort but the weird side effect of the psychological torture coming off of clonazolam is unique.


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I've contacted a couple of members who may be able to offer some encouragement, I'm not sure if they have experience, I hope we hear from them.


No matter what benzo you're taking, we can help you taper from it, I just need a better idea of what we're dealing with, I don't know the equivalencies for these drugs.


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I’m not sure how reliable this conversion is but it seems that clonazolam is 4 times as potent as clonazepam or alprazolam. 0.5mg would equal 2mg then.


It is really difficult to get accurate reliable equivalent doses with these rc benzos. I can’t find anything about the other one mentioned.


You would need an extremely accurate tapering method if you are going to taper clonazolam because of the potency. A microgram balance or the liquid method is necessary and taper slowly. The reason why it may be hard to taper clonazolam is you need to reduce by smaller amounts. It is incredibly potent if that is accurate information. Best of luck.

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Thank you both for your quick replies I felt very welcome here from the very start so basically I've been prescribed benzodiazepines on and off since I was 17 years old I'm 32 now I've had years completely off of them and I've had years on them the clonazolam I don't even feel it at dosages up to 3mg.  Completely sober.


I'm trying my best to keep my dosages lower and slowly titrate down with what I have left but it's very difficult to do it's mind-blowing to me how powerful some people seem to think this compound is my source is very reliable but it seems that my tolerance is just absolutely out of this world My Hope Is that the meklo clonazepam will be enough to get me over the largest of the humps but the dosages require make it difficult for my wallet


I also take a medium sized dose of Kratom once or twice a day I stay healthy by eating well and exercising regularly.

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Welcome to BB:)


I had never heard of the drugs u mentioned in ur post but googled them...they sound like RC-types of meds..pretty potent..I am tapering down off of Xanax and have only experience with that med BUT the advice I would give you is after u have decided which tapering method you wish to follow, go SLOW..


There is a forum category here which discusses the various  tapering methods and how to go about starting your taper..


I just "cut" my Xanax by .125 every 2 weeks or so..but it gets a bit trickier getting to the lower dosage amounts, etc..


Feel free to PM me if u wish if u have any questions..:)


By the way, I also take Kratom (5 years)..Red Bali..sometimes I feel like it reduces my anxiety but at other times I feel as if it CONTRIBUTES to it as well..:/..


Anyhow, welcome to the forum!!:)


Have a great weekend. 8)









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