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        I was on 4mg of xanax for almost 5 years and quit over two week period in a  rehab facility about 5 months ago.  To say this has been hell doesn’t even quite give it justice, more like torture.  I have seen very few windows, maybe 20 minutes a couple days out of the five months.  Actually, recently, the symptoms have gotten worse, if that’s possible.  I’m looking forward to communicating with other benzo survivors maybe at the same stage of acute withdrawal. 




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Hello BBmem2!  Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


I'm so sorry you're going through such a rough time.  You've come to the right place to find others who are either in acute withdrawal currently or recall only too well what it was like.  There is nothing else like it and it may well be the worst thing many of us will every experience.  The importance of communication with others who understand what you're going through is immeasurable.  For many of us this forum is a lifeline - I know it was for me.  In addition to support from members who get it, you'll also find a wealth of good information to help you as you travel this difficult path.  You'll also find Success Stories from members who have been to hell and back and are now recovered.  These stories are so encouraging - they can give you hope when you're at your lowest; I urge you to visit that board often.  importantWe've almost never seen a good result for benzo tapering done in these rehab facilities.


Please explore the site and feel free to post.  Here are some links to help you get started:


Post-withdrawal Recovery Support 



Cold Turkey, Detox & Rapid Withdrawal


Success Stories


The Ashton Manual - this is an excellent resource by a leading researcher in the field.  Chapter III discussed many (but not all) common withdrawal symptoms.  It can be reassuring to see your symptoms listed.


It’s helpful to create a signature so other members who want to reply to your posts can see where you are in the process. Here’s how to add your benzo info automatically to your posts: go to Profile, then Forum Profile, write your info (which benzo, dose, taper history) in the text box and save. Thanks! Let us know if you need help with this.


We're glad you found us!  Please reach out for support-

Brighterday  :)




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