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Warrior Advocate joining your team


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I am joining to support my spouse who is tapering off clonazepam. It was prescribed 20 years ago for help sleeping. Complicating things is chronic back pain starting about 30 years ago and many surgeries later. I am looking for education, resources, doctors, clinics and anything to help with this process.
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Hello Warrior Advocate, Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


I'm so happy to hear you're helping your spouse, this is a painful and isolating experience so it's wonderful to know you're being so supportive.  We can provide taper suggestions, education and support for both you and your spouse so we're glad you've joined us.


I'll give you some links to help guide you around the forum but feel free to look around at whatever you feel may help you learn.  We typically suggest a reduction of only 5-10% of the dose every week to 10 days depending on symptoms, this is a very individual process with each taper different from another, no one size fits all.


The Ashton Manual is a wonderful resource with chapter 3 outlining withdrawal symptoms and why we feel them.


The Planning your taper (Taper Plans) board describes the methods we support, you can start a thread asking for suggestions when you decide upon a taper method. 


The Withdrawal Support (during your taper) board is a good place to get feedback on symptoms and fears, fear is a huge component of this process. 


Please ask questions, we're here to help.




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