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Heart palpitations during withdrawal


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I have been on only .5 if Clonazepam for about 8 years.  A neurologist prescribed it for an involuntary muscle spasm in my lip.  The spasm cleared up but I continued taking it as I finally got a good night's sleep.  All my GPS kept refilling it.  I decided to stop taking it and ended up in the ER on the second day. Had no idea you couldn't just quit.  Got back on and since last Nov am working with a detox doc to taper off.  Down to .125 disolvable tablets.  Not many withdrawal symptoms but Pvcs in the middle of the night.  I went thru a barrage of tests and heart is in excellent shape.  Exercise everyday and no palpitations ever.  Only when laying flat in bed at night and early am. Hoping these go away when I am completely off.  Two cardiologists tell me they can't harm me but it still freaks me out.
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Hello Lizzy2018, Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


I'm thrilled to hear you're not having many symptoms other than the heart palpitations, although those can be scary.  I'm glad you've had tests and know your heart is in good shape, time to chalk up the rest to benzo's. 


The Ashton Manual is a great resource for understanding this process and chapter 3 discusses our symptoms, I found it helped me fear less by understanding more.


We're glad you found us and by the way, .5 mgs of Clonazepam isn't small, it's a powerful drug and the equivalent to 10 mgs of Valium.  If you'd like to connect with others going through this you'll find lots of input on the  Withdrawal Support (during your taper) board, and I've read many posts about heart palpitations so I'm sure you'll find some company for your misery.


Again, welcome.




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