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Question regarding anxiety


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Hi all


Been free of klon .25 daily for 5yrs for 11 mo,,,,,,but took a dose 6mo ago, benzo free for 6 mo


My question is about the dreaded anxiety


I have always had a bit of anxiety but NOTHING like this, it seems as time progresses it has gotten more intense along with the physical and mental symptoms

mine, I feel it in my body and also like there is something horribly wrong awaiting to happen, something really off, with DR and body aches


for those with anxiety have you found it worse in this WD process and can anyone comment that after time that their anxiety has either gotten much better or went away over time after this process has ended


some people say their anxiety went nuts for quite some time, then diminished


ty all



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Anxiety in withdrawal is like anxiety pumped up with steroids.  It has been my most consistent and worst symptom.  Your description nails that feeling of anxiety in the body.  It's a horrible feeling.  My anxiety has gradually eased up over time.  It's become really clear to me that if I experience an increase in stress or push myself too hard exercising, for example, my anxiety gets revved up.  So I really try to keep stress to a minimum and I try to be moderate when I exercise.  This helps a lot.


It makes sense that stress and overdoing it would rev up symptoms - our CNS is so sensitized in withdrawal it can be thrown into disequilibrium fairly easily.


I hope your anxiety eases up soon.

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