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jumping where? Tapering valium


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I've been tapering off from 2mg K using valium. Down at 2mg v, I'm trying to figure out the best jumping point. I've had a very rough taper, tons of physical symptoms all the way, so I certainly don't want to drag it out unnecessarily. Do I jump at 1mg per Ashton, or is there a good argument for tapering lower than that? I feel the v isn't doing anything positive anymore, hasn't for a while. I just don't want to injure myself any worse, it's already quite bad. Who has wisdom or better yet data on a good jumping point for valium? I"m sure this question comes up all the time, I'm just not finding my answer yet.


Happy tapering, may we all recover swiftly! If you read this, do me one favor and consider reporting your reaction to the benzo on the FDA Medwatch site. The FDA needs to hear from you to understand how benzos are hurting people! 

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This is probably not exactly what you want to hear but if you're having a difficult taper, that's a factor that ought to make you consider tapering for longer. I understand you don't want to drag this out longer than necessary. Unfortunately, you have limited say on what is necessary. Rushing your taper could make symptoms when you jump unmanageable. Anecdotally, rushing seems to lead to a greater level of suffering and if anything lengthens the process due to setbacks that take time to recover from. The people who seem to do better are those who take a more measured approach and avoid such difficult setbacks.


It is normal to taper to at least 1mg but 0.5mg seems to be the standard, which I agree with. Some people go all the way, for peace of mind. Ideally you will be stable when you jump but some people wait around for a while and have to jump anyway. I guess not everybody gets the luxury of being stable when they jump.

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