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Symptoms about 4 months out


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At 4 months theres a lot that is still possible to be experienced unfortunately. I do remember month 4/5 was when I had singeing/burning feeling under my skin in my torso and allover muscle ache. I also experienced some days of disco ordination as well. There were other symptoms but those were the most predominant for me.


Please remember although many of our symptoms can be similar, there are also a lotto differences in peoples recovery experiences.


This is a marathon not a sprint, and healing is happening. :smitten:


I was a very rapid taper. :)

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You are scaring me... I'm struggling with tapering my clonazepam right now, and I'm reading a lot of topics about the withdrawal when you're off...  Noooo  :-[  I so hope not having that on top of it, I'm already in a Marathon... Don't wan't it to be in a second one when I'm going to be done with the first one :crazy:
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