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Here are some of my favorite BenzoBuddies quotes that lift me when I’m feeling down. Please share yours as well!


"Many people say you become a stronger person than you were pre benzos after WD. This is so very true. This is the biggest silver lining. This is a true gift from this experience. Absolutely no one can understand unless they have survived a near fatal illness, event, accident or recovered from withdrawal. I tell my husband this. The profound feeling to have overcome & survived is immeasurable and almost indescribable. Having a new appreciation for so many things, the small things, the important things. The ability to let go of worry and pre benzo petty things that weighed me down or held me back. The beautiful skill to not tolerate any bulls**t from people. The ambition that is gained to live a better life of purpose. I tell my husband: "I wish I could 'put it in a jar', and share with you what I feel. It's so immensely amazing.” By Miss Fortitude


"This will not be our life forever.  We will emerge strong, and healed.  We will no longer give a hoot if we are believed or not, because we will be stronger in those broken places.  Places the nay sayers do not know exist, nor care to.  Our characters will be deeper, stronger, because we know the depths, and we have felt the weaknesses.” By deadwoodgone


“Her smile was as radiant as the sun the  day she had a glorious window  for the first time in a long time , or maybe ever since this all started , she couldn't remember and she knew she was on her way to better day's  although the battle wasn't over yet it was her war to be won so she fought on. Some days full of hope, true of heart full of courage  and valiantly, other days full of hopelessness, pain and despair,  and disbelief it would ever end or get better. But she was a warrior in her heart, a fighter in her soul and like many who had gone before her  and healed even when they thought all was lost.  She some how  fought walked, pushed, crawled  ever  onwards she strived,  until the day  her war was won, and in total disbelief of it ever happening for her  she healed .” By nova 1

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