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Low Sex Drive and Interest!


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Hello Buddies!

I've been in withdrawal since 19 months.

Most of my symptoms have recovered. I got a severe set back at 18 months but it has also recovered a lot.

One thing I'm now concerned is about my sex life.

I'm getting married in November and still my sex drive is very low. I've felt very little improvement in this regard.

Prior to this I could hardly live without sex for 1-2 weeks. Now I don't have any desire at all.

I feel emptiness inside me and very less attraction in women.


Thats the opposite I used to be when I haven't taken a benzo.

As more time passes I feel its permanent and may remain like this for ever. May be my dopamine levels have nose dived.


Benzos have ruined my sex life.

Any one else felt the same and did it improve with time?




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I ramped up to OCD hyper-sexual during withdrawals, but then it fell off a cliff.  I am married and sex is definitely available, but i had no interest or physical sensations Compelling me.  When I suffered through a couple interactions, I was met with extremely painful ejaculations.  After a couple of those orgasms consisting of intense pain, l was absolutely sure I was done forever.  It had become gross and painful enough that I wasn’t going to be rising to the occasion anymore.

  Good News, after quite a few months of abstinence it is now slowly coming back.  I am sure I won’t return to my all day everyday OCD hyper-sexual state, but it doesn’t hurt anymore and I actually feel little twinges of interest now.  I have got a ways to go, but it an extended period of zero physical/mental interest is definitely naturally surmountable.

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Yep I have this problem. Low/nonexistent drive and ED. I'm 40+ days off xanax now. I'm 63 and the only time I've ever had a drive this low would be when I had a serious virus or other sickness. I've got serious lethargy and have to force myself to get things done that I used to leap out of my chair to do. This is incredible and I had no idea. And constipation. I developed constipation overnight in the middle of Feb and here it is early Sept and I'm not back to normal yet. Now I can't fathom how benzos are EVER medically necessary except for rare one-time uses like for anxiety before a major operation or something.


Someone please tell me the low sex interest/ED comes back to normal eventually.

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Raiz:  Your symptoms are very close to what mine were before and during taper.  I found out before I started tapering from my high dose of clonazepam

that I was extremely hypothyroid and that there were no hormones in my system,  period!!!  The day after I went on a low natural thyroid I started recovering.  I also started taking a low dose of natural hormones.


Yep, guys can use hormones too.  My very male ND takes 100 mg of progesterone a night to sleep and I found it helped me immensely too.

Just a thought.  I know that some will say that hormones are steroids and we should stear clear of them,  and yes they are but they are necessary for our wellness especially when benzos can completely destroy our endocrine system.  By the way, I've made it through taper and off 15 months with great progress. I've been able to slowly taper off the thyroid and have been back to working physically and have just taken my first tennis lessons in 2 years.  Hopefully you can find a good N.D. to get good T3 and T4 testing.  N.D.'s for the most part grade these tests on far narrower margins than do M.D.'s.  Just my thoughts.


Best of luck. 



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