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Symptoms of Akathisia


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This was posted on a facebook group and I'm like 95% convinced I'm stuck with pretty bad mental akathisia. Here are the symptoms.


"Symptoms of Akathisia can include (Benzos, SSRIs tolerance, withdrawal):


Anxiety or agitation


Feeling emotionally uneasy

Dysphoria – feeling bad or depressed

Difficulty sleeping

Distress or panic attacks

Difficulty sitting still; feeling the need to keep moving eg. pacing back and forth

A feeling of wanting to jump out of your skin

Dark and unpleasant thoughts

Strange and unusual impulses, often of an aggressive nature




Sufferers often find it very difficult to explain exactly what is wrong, even though they may be in unbearable distress.


In milder cases, some people don’t realize how badly they are affected by the problem until they stop the drug or lower the dose."

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I've had all of that, Boom, but couldn't put a name to it.  I thought akathesia was limited to the pacing.  I'm heaps better now at 19 months off.  And I do mean heaps. 


Dee x

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