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Stomach Issues


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Hi All


For about a year or so I have been having loose stool, wind, stomach cramps extra.


I told my GP and some tests were done in January all were fine. The issues continued and the test last week showed up blood in my tool. Now I have to have a colonoscopy. I am now scared it maybe some more sinister. My GP does think it will be but because of the test result he said I have the further test.


I am now in a high state of anxiety with worry. I know about benzo belly. Has anybody had a similar experience of these stomach issues and being sent for tests? I have the added problem that I am an agoraphobia sufferer so just going out of the house is filling me with dread.


Any help and advice very much appreciated.


Kind regards

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Had all of that from xrays to colonoscopy, so many test I don’t even remember.  Nothing found.


I have always had IBS, and my Dr is aware of benzo belly.  Eat better was his advice. 


Worrying only makes it worse.  I remember being so nervous for my colonoscopy.  The nurses and Dr were so understanding, they totally calmed me down.  And once the results came back I felt better still.


PS: was also agoraphobic, but that has passed since being off benzos.  Today I actually wanted to leave the house!

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Thank you Rschak for your kind reply. The issues with my stomach are getting me. I mostly get loose stools, bloating, acid reflux and stomach cramps.


Due to have a colonoscopy soon and as an agoraphobic I am very nervous about going. I always have health anxiety so I am worried the stomach issues are something more sinister, my GP doesn't think so, just wants to be sure


Thanks again for your reply.

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