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Clonazepam with food?


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Has anyone experienced feeling drugged up taking clonzaepam with food? When they changed me on another generic the past year, eating with food made it more effective. I was on it for 14 years and didnt ever feel drugged up with it since I got used to it but with this generic (Solco) I felt like it affected the way it absorbed in my body. I literally felt like I was drugged up and sedated every day when I would take it. Even if I ate food 2 hours before taking it, would still affect me.  For the first time in a year I tried to take it on a completely empty stomach and not eating any food at all and it put me in major withdrawls as if I skipped a dose. I never had this reaction with the other generics. I called the pharmacist and he has never heard of anyone having this kind of reaction. taking it on an empty stomach. In fact I read its suppose to be more effective on an empty stomach.  I am wondering if Im the only one and the way my body is processing this generic?



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