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We can't diagnose you but I worried I was schizophrenic when I was recovering, my mother had it so it was a worry anyway.  Nope, turned out I was just fine, it was all the drug.


If you're truly worried, I would suggest making an appointment with a medical professional but be aware, this may result in the addition of more drugs because our symptoms are often confused with this condition. 

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This is not medical advice, just information. If you're genuinely concerned, please seek medical diagnosis. As Pamster pointed out, many reactions that occur due to WD can simulate other conditions. It's because of the same chemicals or receptors being involved.


GABA and glutamate normally balance one another and are recycled by enzymes. These enzymes are turned down during WD. Too much glutamate excites nerves/the brain and it doesn't easily calm down. Reducing glutamate is good practice so no MSG or other irritating foods.


Histamine usually rises in WD. It can give a rushed or high sensation. Normally when you eat, a little histamine is released; in WD, this can over react. Most people in WD find it good to limit or eliminate sugar, caffeine, and spicy foods for this reason.


Taurine, pseudo-amino acid, can be taken as a supplement and it will reduce glutamate. It's found in meat, eggs, shellfish and also put into energy drinks. Lots of diets available. *Lowers blood sugar so take with food


Adrenal glands are often stressed during this period. Feeling "hyped up" can be adrenalin. If someone has low blood sugar, the adrenals kick on to steal stored glucose from the liver. Eating snacks routinely will help the blood sugar to be more regular.


These are some of the ways WD can stimulate the brain and mimic other conditions. Again not a diagnosis, but possible explanation as why someone might feel this way. 


Everyone chooses their own course. These are simple steps that might help the symptoms.




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Wow I could have written this! I didn’t see your post before I posted. I feel the same way. I feel like I go into a deep depression and then full-blown mania and feel like a total crazy person. I can be calm and almost meditative and then fly off the handle five minutes later.
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