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  You should probably slow down a bit and realize that your health anxiety is probably a bit much right now. I found that when the health anxiety flares up, I can find that everything can cause everything else and I am showing every symptom of whatever is the latest physical/mental health issue that I have focused on.  It is inevitable that we will constantly find our symptoms perfectly align with all sorts of afflictions.  When dealing with the massive array of symptoms presented by BWS, you cannot take a step in any direction without running into a new malady that is “proven” by the symptoms we suffer.  This is a huge reason why unknown and misdiagnosed benzodiazepine interdose/tolerance withdrawals so often result in a never ending cyclical poly-drugging scenario.

  Health anxiety is really terrible, but you have to realize that suffering a bunch of added stress because you learned that stress could cause psychosis is a snake eating its tail and a classic rumination that you should probably work on breaking.

  Make the health anxiety symptom itself your focus and learn to identify it’s intrusive nature. Being able to quickly and consistently identify it will help put the brakes on your looping fear. I still have health anxiety everyday, but I am much better at identifying and dismissing it as an impossible to accommodate anxiety, separate from reality.






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