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Healing time frame


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I tapered, but not according to Ashton as my cuts were too big .  That said, at six months off I feel much better, but would not consider myself healed.  But I am definitely much better off than I was while on benzos.


Your results will vary. 


A proper taper only minimizes symptoms on the way down, it does not eliminate them.  Once you jump you must fight the urge to reinstate.


I think most people spend too much time trying to taper perfectly when that time would be better spent learning how to cope with the symptoms and how to deal with their anxiety—cause you will have to deal with both after you jump and can no longer rely on benzos.


I think the key to my success in coming off benzos was due to all the therapy I did beforehand.


Good luck to you on your journey. 

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If you taper, you start off closer to the finish line. Unfortunately, it still takes many months from that point but it's better than trying to go cold turkey. What is almost for certain is that you will be doing better a year from now and even better a couple of years from now, whether you tapered or not.
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I’m only at six months and here is where I am:


No rash, had some slight burning skin for a few days this month.


More windows than waves.


Mental fog is mostly gone.


Still have stiffness and weak muscles. 


I sleep well most nights and do not have to take anything.


I have zero cravings for benzos even when the stress levels are high.

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Thanks. Are there anyone who felt worse around 7-8th months and start to heal around 1 year mark?

I know everyone is different and it might not apply to me but just want the time frame to be a hope for me.

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Recovery times will vary per individual, there is no set time frame. I was certainly not well at 9 months, I was better. I was also determined to take a long trip to see my first grandbaby.  I did it, in some ways I was amazed at how well I managed.  I still had the nerve burning and other symptoms but having that baby in my arms was the best distraction ever.


I had waves and windows after one year.  A few times I had wide open windows but mostly it was just a lessening of symptoms.  I did have an extremely strong wave near my healing.  It was so bad I went to the doctor for tests to rule out any underlying cause.  My results were fine except for a low vitamin D level.


That was the last big wave before my healing at about 18 months. I waited a little before I wrote my Success Story because earlier on I had formulated my story only to hit with a wave.


pianogirl  :smitten:

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They say average time frame is 6-18 months but Is it regardless of taper duration?

I've done this twice. I've recovered fully previously and currently I estimate I'm about 90% fully recovered again. This is my experience.


I tapered from 1mg to .75mg to .5mg to .25mg to zero over 4 weeks. (my own sig is wrong here; I need to fix it). I experienced very significant WDs over the next 8-10 weeks. Then at about that 10 week mark I began to heal very rapidly. This healing seemed to coincide with my sudden ability to sleep through the night. After about 3.5-4 months I was more or less back to normal. This was in 2019.


Then this year I used Klonopin twice over the course of 2 days in April and it literally re-ignited every symptom I'd ever had. I went back into full acute WD. Full acutes again lasted about 10-12 weeks although this time they've been a bit slower to recede completely. Today, like I said, I feel like I'm almost completely better. We're at a little over the 4 month mark.


I believe recovery time-frame is highly individualized and it's difficult to put any of us in a box. For me, pushing myself to do things I don't feel like I can do almost always helps me feel better; it gets me out of myself. Exercising and working, namely - I never quit either of these things even in full acutes. Others - based on their posts here - simply can't (or won't?) do this. People taking bed rest and not working...if I did that I may never recover. That's just me. I don't do well with surrendering to anything. I'd be like that Black Knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail..no limbs...still fighting. LOL  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Everyone is different for sure.  I was completely disturbed after a rapid taper, then jumped off 0.25mg...very painful experience I thought the end was near.  Here I am, hanging on still, lots to be grateful for and it seems after the 12 month mark and some CBT work I am healing.  More windows these days, feels grate to feel love again.  My boyfriend is incredible and it’s just pure bliss to be able to enjoy the love.


I wish I could say I am healed.  Not yet, but I will be.

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