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8 months off and very challenged!


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I’m 8 months Benzo free and in  a very challenging wave for the past 2 weeks. I thought I was getting better. Moderate burning from my face to my pelvic area, hissing tinnitus, rapid heart rate, palps, blood pressure up and down, vibrating, anxiety, and generally feeling awful. I made 3 trips to the ER in 1 week, and all test are normal. Had my stomach scoped last week and it was normal. How can you feel this bad and not be sick? Can anyone relate?


Thanks, Sandy

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Hi sjs!

Sorry you are in a bad wave. It's really frustrating and annoying be ok for sometime and then slip down again.

I have tinnitus too. I hear like a pulsating hiss that coincides with my heart beat. Is yours that way? I got it while prescribed with lorazepan and right after a cold. I noticed a lot of people here suffering tinnitus but the regular one and not the pulsatil like mine.

I have also jumped not long time ago and it's been a roller coaster as well. Besides tinnitus my situation is more on the mental side. Anxiety and intrusive thoughts are the most stubborn to leave.

The best thing is to accept the condition and go step by step.

Thanks in advance for any comment on the tinnitus.


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try to hold on, it will pass!!! I too had a hard time eight months out. distract yourself.


Its hard but trust me, it will get better. It will get better....


I remember the next few weeks after my 8 month wave I felt the best I had felt in years....


Keep us posted..


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Thank you all so much for your responses. It encourages me so much to hear from others.


Micedana, I do have the pulsating tinnitus. It’s very loud right now, but I have times when I hardly hear it.


Thanks again everyone, Sandy :thumbsup:

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