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Derealization, tension and spaced out


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Hi all

off benzos for 11mo  3yrs .25 xanax, then switched to klonopin .25 daliy for 1.5yrs  4.5yrs total

I did take a "rescue" dose of .25 6 mo ago,,,things got stranger,,,

I have many of the crazy symtoms

bloods and labs always come back fine


-tension, head and jaw pressure, abdomen tension

-boaty movement sensations



I have a question, do your symptoms cycle?  day to day? hr to hr?

I was feeling the same for quite some time, except for tension,  then recently I have more head tension, dizziness and agitation along with this even "stranger" derealization,,,,Im writing because it feels scary, this DR is even more spacy and removed than I have been,,,,

I was wondering who has felt these type of symptoms, like you feel more at bay, then go bat sh*t crazy,,,Im worried im stuck in this new level of screwed,,,,I have been sweating more and just really more out of it than ever


Im always in this "comparitive" analysis,,,,,asking myself,,,how was I a week ago? how was I a month ago, then focusing on the feelings,,,,,trying to remember how I felt


people around me say they see improvements over the months, but this is very erie, like im in a life review under the microscope,  is this healing? I hope this passes


ty all


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Yes, I get the DR in cycles. I also feel removed sometimes. I would get a feeling that the right side of my body was twisting if you can understand that. Sometimes feel like I’m losing gravity and gonna float away. But than today I felt perfectly normal. But it will come back. All my symptoms go and come back. But I will say much better than 6 months ago. Time heals , you will be ok in time. Same with me. Same with all of us.
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