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Heavy Xanax user, fully recovered.


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Hello Benzobuddies,


I'm a returning member of the BB community. It's been a few years since my last post. Since the pandemic started, I've had a few friends in my offline life ask me for advice relating to my Xanax addiction and recovery. It made me think of Benzobuddies, and how folks here are doing during this extremely trying time. I wanted to return to forum to be able to offer up any support I can.


My history... I was prescribed Xanax to treat generalized anxiety disorder in 2004 or so. My dosage slowly but surely creeped up from .5mg as needed per day, to 6mg daily. I stayed at this amount for around 6 years. in 2011, I noticed I could no longer make it from dosage to dosage without experiencing severe anxiety. I was in tolerance withdrawal. I told my doc I wanted off the med, and he gave me a course of action... A 2 year taper that would not be pleasant at all. At that point, I decided to look for an easier way... I called several west coast treatment centers, asking for help coming off Xanax. Of course, all of the folks I spoke to were salespeople... And nearly all of them said "we can safely get you off Xanax in 2 weeks." I ended up going to a treatment facility in Orange County, where my Xanax bottle was tossed out on day 1. Suffice to say, this did not go well... I ended up in the horrifying purgatory that we all know as post acute withdrawal syndrome. What followed was a year long odyssey through the fog and fear of withdrawal.


Thanks to the support of family, friends and this very website, I did make it back. All the way back. Hoping I can return the goodwill that this community provided for me in my darkest days.


Wishing you all the best.



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Hi  Xartan :hug:  Welcome back to benzobuddies


Thank you for remembering BB, its great that you have fully recovered, you had a tough time of it.  We appreciate your offer of support, that’s wonderful.  I do hope you will write your success story. These stories are so important, people need to know that healing from these drugs is possible. 


I am so happy you are doing well now and enjoying your life.  We look forward to hearing more from you. You will be familiar with the forum so please feel free to browse the boards. I will leave a link to the success story board


Success Stories


Welcome back



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