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Is the vibrating dysautonomia?


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Hi Ajusta , I have been diagnosed with dysautonomia and it affects my central nervous system . The dr isn't sure if I acquired it from the gall bladder surgery that caused me to be placed on benzos or if it was from benzos and the w/d but its there .


Mine affected my whole body in acute . From head to toe : Body could not regulate temp ,  had serous issues swallowing ,  WILD long term pots , BP just dropped out , Gastroparesis ,  Could not eliminate suddenly days after last dose , had to be cathed AND use a ton of laxatives . This was bad , really bad  and I did not have this prior to w/d . Some drs thought I was faking all this to get more benzos . Kept telling me benzos could not do this etc etc ..


Temp is normal ,  swallowing is 98% better , BP is better now , Pots has mostly stopped , I still have it sometimes , I don't need a cath but do still have gastroparesis and have to have laxs . I go to the dietitian and gastro alot now , yay ...


I also have very extreme thoughts against the dr that did this to me ..... but thats different ....

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Yes I’ve had orthostatic intolerence for decades die to ME/CFS etc.

When got off diazepam first time terrible constipation - prescription laxatives every day.

Problem is nervous system hates the laxitive - sugar alcohols - it causes head whooshing, sweating, muscle collapsing. hallucinations etc...


Can I ask what your swallowing was like?

Mine is bad but feels more like it is related to neck and jaw muscles. Have dengerstion in neck including bone spurs that seem to be pressing into throat.

Can feel tongue being dragged down throat but also can’t get tongue to manipulate froth properly in mouth.


I am glad to hear some of your symptoms have eased.


I hope the GI issues ease for you soon too.


As for Drs. I wasn’t a big fan before WD after decades of gaslighting due to ME - a diagnosis I was given by .... a Dr...

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First before I forget , I now have the same eating issue as you , at the same time I am terrified of food and CANNOT remember at all how i ate  when i ate and sometimes what i ate before W/D so its like I am starting over like a toddler . But its hard for me to know when to eat , when not to eat ,  and when to stop , this is just crazy .


Yes it was like you just did not have that ability to do that task . Like there was a wall in your throat . you would try to swallow and .... nothing .....  I also choke alot now too . I forgot that . I choke ALOT when I am drinking  eating also but mainly drinking , I know its a part of the swallowing thing , when it happens you cant do anything but spit out whatever is in your mouth so you do not choke and start over when it passes .


Then after seconds to minutes it vanishes as quick as it started . Drs absolutely do not believe me at all . Period. One dr did  back in Seattle but he had never seen anything this bad and was fearful of treating me .

  I agree with another poster that anyone who is able to Rx any medicine really needs to know wth they are prescribing . This is VERY dangerous and I never had any of what I described before in my entire life .


The gI symptoms I think are permanent . I  identify with you alot because we were given this stuff for physical issues after surgery , yours was your back , mine was my GI system surgery .  i had to take 2-3 dulcolax ( bisocodyl ) before this because my motility was not good , but this just trashed it and I have to take 9 now . Or else . In acute I had to take 15 all night long , I got impacted 3 times .


I am really thankful I can pee fair enough now. i know that sounds crazy but that was terrible .


Yes this gaslighting they do is a serious issue , its really no joke , I understand .  I have never been disbelieved before so much in my life , I think they are scared of what they/others  have done , I dont think its big pharma at all .

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Someone on Twitter says has it and calls it dysautonomia.



Ajusta, I'm not on Twitter, so I wonder if you can put the comment up. Thank you!


Dysautonomia in patients results from trauma, for one thing, so I wouldn't be surprised at all. http://www.dysautonomiainternational.org/page.php?ID=38


I have this, and yes, it is vibration, primarily in the chest region and down into the stomach. I've suffered a lot of trauma.

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I've got it all over inside my body and chest and stomach.  Benzo damage for me.  I'm sure of it.  It didn't start until I went in tolerance w/d.
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