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Hair Loss & Regrowth 30 Months Off


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I'm 30 months off of daily 2mg Klonopin for 5 years.


I experienced most of my hair loss while weening off back in 2016. Immediately the day after the Doctor lowered my dose from 2mg to 1.5mg my hair started falling out by the hand full every time I showered.  I had another wave of hair loss after I jumped lasting for another 12 months. Most of the hair loss has seemed to have stopped by month 12, but I have seen zero hair regrowth since 2016.


Another thing to note is, while most of my hair loss and physical symptoms were gone by month 12, my mental symptoms have just recently alleviated a few weeks ago.


Is hair regrowth a lost cause at this point? Has anyone seen regrowth this late into recovery?


I'm considering hopping on a combo of Propecia(finasteride) and Rogaine (Minoxidil), but that would require a life long commitment to those meds plus possible side effects.


Thanks, everyone.

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I'm at ~2 years out. I have super thick hair normally and during the worst of my WD a ton of my hair fell out for what must have been a year or more. I'm happy to report that over time the hair loss has stopped for me and it did eventually grow back. Hopefully it does the same for you as well. One thing I did that helped was use Biotin shampoo because it naturally encourages hair to re-grow. Might be worth a try for you.
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I lost a lot of hair when I was tapering.  Even took a bag of hair to the doctor to show him.  :laugh:  I was embarrassed, but felt better after he told stuff other patients bring.  :D


I'm 18 months out now goodlife and my hair is thickening up again.  It's not as it was before all this, but has definitely regrow.


I just looked at the link Ajusta sent you.  I wouldn't take that crap if you paid me.  Big pharma makes a buck out of us again.  Chrome dome is ok by me.  :laugh:




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Ajusta - Thanks for the link. I'm really glad you showed that to me. Definitely not considering the Finasteride route anymore.


Alichino - I really appreciate your story, I'll try the biotin shampoo is there a specific brand you use?


Deadwoodgone - Nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to your health and livelihood. I appreciate your story, Dee, it really helps me continue to have hope. 

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I'm 18 months off and my hair loss started on 6th month its still continuing. I've lost almost 50 percent of my hair.

I've been to dermatologists and they want me on vitamins and Rogaine. I took vitamins and I'd nausia.

So can't go either way. Hoping that it may stop one day.

My marriage is coming soon in 2 months I hope that I get married soon other wise girls dont like blad men anymore.


Benzos has caused too much suffering!

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