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The Heartbreaking Story of a Friend


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I have a friend who's been on benzos for the past twelve years. She never abused them. She just follows the treatment prescribed by her doctors, a cocktail of very powerful drugs who also includes antipsychotics and antidepressants. She struggles with severe addiction and withdrawal symptoms and she cannot get out of the bed in the morning without Xanax. Neither she can go to sleep at night without Ambien. Unfortunately this forum is inaccessible to her because she doesn't speak english. She is married to an abusive alcoholic man and the doctors got her sedated and tamed so she will continue to tolerate his abuses. They told her that depression is the real cause of her misery and not that awful man. I used every opportunity to try and convince her that drugs only aggravate her problems and that depression in not the real one. But she hesitates who to trust, as I have strong competition in the form of real doctors. The sad truth is that she is just another victim of institutionalized misogyny.


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