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Tremors with Setback!


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I'd a setback at 18 months. I was running and doing exercises for 2 weeks, I thought time was good to build some muscles. I ended up with knee muscle injury and muscle rupture.

Orthopaedic doctor gave me Vitamin B12 injections my knee injury has almost recovered but not the benzo related symptoms it brought back suddenly.


Week one in injury I'd the following symptoms.

Severe fatigue.

Electric Jolts in the body and Knees.

Electric Currents in the body.

Weak Hands with loose grips.

Tremors in hands and body.

Muscle Spasms.


Week 3

I'm left with tremors and shaky hands it doesn't seem to improve. When I wake up its super shaky in hands. Hands seem to be weak. Muscle spasms continue.

It feels quite embarrassing at such a young age.

I try to hide it from other people.


Than at night Tremors come under some control.

I tried Propranolol 10mg it gave me extreme fatigue and low heart rate but it stopped the tremors.

I'd to stop taking it now I feel very disappointed.

It feels like I've ruined all my progress in 18 months.


Any one seen some improvement in tremors with any natural treatment.


My hands are super shaky and I keep dropping things.

I'm very disappointed and heart broken!

What have I done to myself!



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