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Questioning my symptoms-yet again......


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Hello again,


I haven't posted in while, still trying to get through this horrific withdrawal nightmare.  I've been off of lorazapam c/t for almost 6 weeks

now, (was taking .25 to .50 a day for about more than a month previous to that I took it Nov/Dec 19 and stopped c/t after a medical procedure where I was given anethesia)  and I still feel awful.  The mornings are absolutely unbearable. I think I am getting better and then I get hit with a new symptom.  A co-worker came down with Covid and I was tested and came back negative.  I have unbearable body aches, headache, and my short-term memory is terrible. I can't even remember to turn off a light when leaving a room.  I can't focus on anything, and I don't find joy or happiness in anything I do. Sleep is 4-5 hours and then I'll have a couple days when I only get 2-3. I've had my blood work done over a month ago, even testing for some autoimmune diseases, and all came back normal.  Cardiologist tests all came back normal. I can't help think I have some type of brain disease because of the pressure in my head and ears.


Cardiologist put me on Metroprolol (50 mg a day) for heart palpatations only-- over a year ago, and after I take it in the morning, my symptoms intensify. Is this possible?


I did have a glimmer of hope yesterday for about an hour, where I was driving and all my symptoms seem to disappear.  A window, perhaps, hopefully?!


Just need some encouragement today, have a family event later this afternoon, and really don't feel up to it......when normally I would look forward to it.....


Thanks, in advance.......



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Hang in there. I've been struggling for weeks as well.


I had a small window earlier of euphoria. I remember thinking "boy something good is firing away in my brain..cmon keep it going keep it going".


I like to view the windows as hope of how I will feel 24/7 once I'm back to normal

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