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8 weeks off, waiting full restoration


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After two month taking benzo, I tried ashton tapering method, and I jumped Valium at 2020/06/16.

I'm taking no medicine now. I have learned to be free from medicines if its not emergency!


Healing process are so slow and annoying, but its ACTUALLY moving on and I feel better and better.

Rest symptoms are

-everyday or always-

1. cognitive decline(I oftten feel harder to do my jobs than ever)

2. tinnitus(a little)

3. headache(Tightening type, most in evening~midnight)

4. stuffy(a little, but I can do exercise, training so hard everyday)


4.Rash(around arm)

5.Gastrointestinal irritation(but I can eat as usual)

they are not critical, I'm doing daily works as well as ever.



My effort to heal earlier and more or fully.

I have kept daily  HIIT(tabata protocol), stretching, walking, and weekly weight training.

-daily exercises often make me feel better(reduce depression, headache, etc).


When I fall in bad feeling, I try CBT.

-Anxiety level directly effects my symptoms. Positiveness or acceptance are often needed. I often say "its OK, that's just healing process" or "that's a too extreme idea, stop thinking so bad" to myself.


I take healthy food usually. Sprouting brown rice, much vegetables(dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals), much meat and fish and soy(protein), a little oils(olive and sesame), a little fruits(adjust daily sugar mounts, vitamins, minerals). I care daily amount of sugar-oil-protein-fiber.

-healthy style make my body better, and that makes me feel better. but I sometimes take bad style meal(junk food, too much sugar, etc).  Because I think its not good to care too nervous.


I try to keep circadian rhythm. eating time, sleeping time, exercises time.

-it apparently improve my insomnia and ANNOYING much awakening. I can sleep 8-10 hour per day and awake 1-2 times per day.



Thank you BB and members! You actually rescued me!

I hope full recover in near future.

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Congratulations on celebrating this milestone of 8 weeks off benzos!  Sounds like you're very purposeful about diet, exercise and self care practices such as CBT.  That's great!  Glad you're doing well! Thanks for sharing  :)
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