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Pre Doc Visit Neurosis


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My reason: "You shoud definetly go. This doctor is really nice and he won't refuse to help you."

My anxieties: "Maybe you shouldn't go at all. Just call and cancel your appointment. He will just tell you that he cannot help you and that you need inpatient treatment in a Mental Institution. And weren't you kicked out by the previous three as soon as they heard about your problem?"

My reason: "You need to be honest with him. He is competent and he will prescribe you the best drugs for your condition. He will also recomend you a good psychologist."

My anxieties: "Drugs? Aren't you in this mess because of those things? If you still go, just lie to him that you want to continue your Tianeptine treatment, like you did before. Those will surelly take the edge off, especially in doses well above the therapeutic range. And you can forge the prescriptions so easily"

My reason: "Follow his advice, do not abuse the drugs that he will prescribe to you and admit that in the past you used him to get tianeptine."

My anxieties: "OK. Do those things. But all day long I'll remind you what an idiot you are to trust in an psychiatrist again. Haven't they disappointed you enough already? Are you a masochist?"



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I think you may have gotten some of it the wrong way around. I believe that your reason is telling you that more drugs will lead to bad outcomes. It is your anxieties making themselves known that makes intervening with medicine seem like a good idea. I tend to think that taking whatever a psychiatrist tells you is an unjustified act of faith for almost anybody. If you have addiction issues, it might be even worse. Ever considered finding a therapist to discuss your struggles with addiction? From what I have read from you, it sounds like you have come a very long way but there's some stuff you could do with working through. Just an idea and all my 2 cents, of course.
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