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18 Months


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I am 18 months off today. Never in a million years did I think I would make it to this point. But I have.

Many things are better but this path that I am on is not over yet. Oh how I wish it was. I think the longer things go on, my ability to endure and persevere is declining. But. I am a fighter. And I won't go down like this. I don't really want to focus on symptoms here or what is better and what is not. I just can't do that today.


I will continue to fight for the life that I deserve and to be here for my four girls. I am all they have and I want them to look back at their mom's life and see that I didn't give up. That I continued in spite of the obstacles and pitfalls in my way. They are worth it to me and I want them to know that someone loves them so much that they will sacrifice and endure anything for them.


So here I am telling you all to keep plotting the course and keep moving forward. Movement is movement no matter how slight and you can't get much more minuscule than this. At least for me that is how this has gone. And I only took the dang drug for 7 months including the taper.


Keep on keeping on my friends.  :smitten:

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That's awesome ...wow 18 months out. Kudos to you and keep going and keep going for your kids....we all have to...  :smitten: :smitten: :smitten:


May I ask you what symptoms you still have and compare to first 8-12 months ..what % you will give to yourself..

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