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Introduction-Xanax Taper


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I am joining because I’m looking for other people’s experience with tapering off a Benzo. I’m on 1.5 of Xanax and have been using it off and on for the past 8 years. The  last year I’ve been using it daily, especially since March because of COVID. I had really bad panic attacks one weekend from leaving the house  and my APRN thinks I’m becoming addicted to the Xanax and feels I need to get off of it and started tapering me 2 weeks ago at 2 mg. I’m scared of the side effects and not having it as a way to calm down.
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Hello Emily8767, Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


It does indeed sound as if your body has become dependent on the Xanax, what could also be happening is that you're also tolerant to them which means your body needs more to achieve the same effect.  Your APRN has rightly advised you to taper from them since continuing to increase isn't a good idea.


We suggest reducing your dose by about 5-10% every week or two or whatever your symptoms will allow, it's important to remain functional and a slow taper is the way to hopefully achieve this.


Please take a look at our taper methods to gain a better understanding of this process.  Planning your taper (Taper Plans)


You may also want to start a thread on the Withdrawal Support (during your taper) board to discuss symptoms you may be feeling, you'll get lots of support there.


I did want to let you know that benzo's begin to cause the issue we went on them to fix when we become dependent so I'm not surprised you're having panic attacks.  You might want to take a look at chapter 3 of  The Ashton Manual, there you'll see your symptoms listed and why you feel them.


Please let us know how we can help you.




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