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Hello suggestions please?


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There are a few types of events that people call panic attacks...


There are 'anxiety' attacks.  Very common.  They can last from minutes to days.  Unpleasant, anxious feeling.  To me it's like the feeling of asking a girl for a date the first time.  Pulse, sweat, breathing increases, but you could probably make a cup of tea if you decided to do so.


There are myclonic jerks.  A sudden, panicky awakening from sleep (or near sleep) - sometimes with an unpleasant vivid dream.  These are fairly common.


There are 'panic' attacks.  These are usually very intense and very brief - just a few seconds generally.  Sheer panic that builds immediately and seemingly from nothing.  Fortunately, these are the rarest of the attacks.


For anxiety attacks, it's useful to learn some coping techniques such as distraction, meditation, breathing, acceptance.  Learn to recognize stress and deal with it before it overwhelms you.  I found therapy to be useful.  For the other two 'attacks', about all one can do is to try to put the episode behind them and try to move on.


Hope this helps.

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Control your breathing! Set a timer for 60 seconds and don't take more than 5 breaths.


4 seconds inhale, 4 seconds hold, 4 seconds exhale.


This should slow your heart-rate.


Also if I can't get out of my head, I just go for a walk

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