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I never ever thought I would give up my sleepers but they just dont work anymore


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jumped off 7.5 mg Zopiclone and 2m.g diazepam 5 days ago after 20 years.

crazy scary dreams. sleep in short spells.... I just had to do it... its the only way for me. I am currently on subutex.I WOULD PAY A MILLION POUNDS FOR ONE NIGHT OF SLEEP. X


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Hello Little fluffy, Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


Yes, sweet sleep, I'm sure you miss it!  I thought I'd never be able to sleep again when I gave up Klonopin and Ambien but it has returned and it's so much better than the drugged sleep I was getting.  It's much deeper and more satisfying, I hope your sleep returns to you soon.


I had the scary dreams too, slasher horrific ones so I know what you're dealing with.


You might want to talk to some of our members on a support group thread who are currently tapering from Zopiclone, it seems to be a particularly nasty drug, it's located here if you'd like to check in with them.  No need to start a new topic, just reply and jump in.  http://www.benzobuddies.org/forum/index.php?topic=97331.0


If you'd like to connect with others going through withdrawal, feel free to start a thread on the Post-withdrawal Recovery Support  board, you'll find yourself with lots of company.


We're glad you found us, please make yourself at home.



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Hi little fluffy! U are so brave! I am currently trying to wean exactly those meds, 1/2 7.5mg zop and 1.5mg Valium. I’m too scared to jump as I am getting so little sleep on what I’m on. 20 years and u jumped, you are so amazing!  :D
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